1-struggle for a year trying to find suitable, permanent lodging...on a really really tight budget


2-go to a ton of apartment viewings of questionable places shown by questionable people who try to increase the rent before you even have the place and/or make you wait cruel periods of time making you think you are a candidate when really they have had someone else in mind all along and wonder what their reasons could possibly be for doing that.


3- indignantly send the following email to one of said landlords:


Hi! Bet you thought you'd heard the last of me?! ;-) I'm writing because I know you felt regret at not being able to offer me and other deserving applicants the apartment. I also know that you felt badly about the last minute rental increase so I'm here with an opportunity to help you wipe the karmic slate clean. Below is a link to my sponsorship page for the Habitat For Humanity build I am taking part in. I only have until September 19th to reach my $500 goal so if you could find it in your heart to donate a little something it would be much appreciated and you can sleep well knowing you were a part of the solution not the problem. Thanks!


All the best,





(btw you can still donate until September 30th...just sayin' good cause!)



4- collect the most satisfying $25 for charity that you'll ever make!


5-sell yourself via email and in person to strangers you have to live with or you''ll end up sleeping on your friends couches for a while until you finally accept the basement apartment even though you spent last winter in a basement with an intense roommate and oh dear God what will THESE people be like?!


6- get rejected time and time again by prospective roomies and never know why


7- fall into despair


8- remind yourself that you are in charge of your own destiny and that what you think IS your reality


9 remember that you have come a long way and that you're doing the things you want to do with your life and in the moment that you decide that things aren't as bad as you think, smile as an email comes into your inbox from Jin at the Gate 403 booking you for two more dates!


10- decide not to stop until you get exactly what you want: your own place at the price you can afford


11- appeal to your loved ones to please all think positive thoughts for a successful result and know that they are actually doing this!


12-create the following poster




13- mostly walking your bike, tape this poster to posts for 2 and a half hours across the west end of Toronto from Harbord and Bathurst to High Park while maintaining a positive spirit. (note: Don't stop at Ossington like you want to but instead keep heading west towards the Roncesvales/High Park neighbourhood that you really want to live in.)


14- stop only when it's dark out and it begins to rain without warning and you need to take cover under a tree and check your gps to see where you are and where the subway is


15-when two ladies out for a stroll also take cover under the tree, casually mention what you're doing in the neighbourhood with sheets of paper and packing tape.



16-Listen as one of the women tells you that she has just the place you need available in her own home



17- walk away dumbfounded having gotten no real information but a phone number



18-on the phone the next day discover the following serendipitous information

a) the landlord has done two habitat for humanity builds herself

b) one of her best friends is Jin at the Gate 403

c)her house happens to be on the same street as the craigslist add you just posted on facebook with the status “ my holy grail of apartments” but is not that apartment


19-make arrangements to view the place that day




20-refrain from weeping when you walk in and realize that it is way more amazing than you ever could have dreamed of and absolutely the perfect place for you in every way


21-during a lovely conversation with the even lovelier landlord make arrangements to pay your budgeted amount of rent for a much more expensive place in exchange for 6hrs of labour a month which you really wanted a chance to do anyway...starting with painting your very own giant balcony that towers over a sweet little neighbourhood.


22-sign the lease, get the keys and count your many blessings (after your references are checked of course!)






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