Quarter Life Crisis

Collette Savard
words and music © 2008 Collette Savard Cocosongs/SOCAN


When I started writing this I thought I was writing an overly dramatic song of how I felt about leaving my childhood behind. By the time it was done I realized it was all too accurate. After playing it live for people I realized that it's not just twenty-something's who feel this way. I say we all take a day off to make mud pies in the back yard!


Quarter Life Crisis I threw my pennies in a wishing well But all they did was fall Now I'm stuck here with my hopes By the fountain at the mall Everything used to be so easy When everything was just for now They say that forty's the new thirty I don't want to count that far When he was twenty one he became a star At the age of seventeen we knew that she would go so far I missed my chance to break the records I spoiled my youth now it's all gone Though I still think I'll live forever Everyday I'm getting old I had to take the streamers off my bicycle The kids in the park they say “hey lady” And before you know it They're going to make me have a baby So I can be just like my mom Everybody says relax now look how far you've come All that I can see is everything I have not done I threw my pennies in a wishing well But all they did was fall I look back now to a time when I felt that I could have it all Now I have to chose my battles Now I have to work all day I'd be lying if I said I wasn't Jealous of the kids at play I looked into the mirror and saw a wrinkle I'm sure it's just the way the light did fall Do you really think they're going to make me have a baby Cause I can't be just like my mom just like my mom




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